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Patrick O’Callaghan


Partnerships Manager, YGAP

Patrick O’Callaghan has played an instrumental role in the establishment of YGAP, a non-profit that has backed 245 impact ventures helping them improve the lives of 183,848 people living in poverty. YGAP raises funds through an entrepreneurial approach, owning and running profitable social ventures and fundraising campaigns to fund their work in the field.

During his time at YGAP Patrick has worked with impact entrepreneurs across Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh and Australia as they launch and grow businesses changing the lives of people living in poverty. Through this experience, Patrick has developed a deep understanding of how social businesses can solve persistent problems such as poverty.

In 2010, Patrick rode his bike 8000km through West Africa to raise funds for YGAP and then led YGAP’s development team for four years. During this time he led YGAP towards a new strategy of impact and helped pave the way for a merger between YGAP and Spark International.

Patrick is now working as business development manager at YGAP where he focuses on growing YGAPs revenue to enable them to improve more lives.