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Mark Ottobre


Mark Ottobre is the founder, owner and director of the leading Australian personal training company, Enterprise Fitness. With his keen focus on personal excellence, Mark is renowned for his pragmatic approach and exceptional standard in personal training, nutrition and mindset development.

Specialising in the preparation of elite aesthetic competitors as well as strength and dynamic athletes, his methods have sought international acclaim and titles to his name in numerous state, national, commonwealth and world competitions.

Mark is a well-travelled educator, speaker and published writer. His personal opinion and unique amalgamation of knowledge speaks to a vast, cross-border following.

Mark’s acumen for his craft is equally matched with his business sense. Mark has doubled his business three years in a row, creating a seven figure business in a highly competitive fitness space.

Marks clients include Commonwealth Games gold medalist, Andrew Moloney, four time Ms Australia and winner of the Arnold Classic, Janet Kane and former Australian welterweight champion Fred Tukes.

Having authored numerous articles for Australian and international publications, Mark has been published in Muscle Mag Australia, Australian Natural Bodz, T Nation Online, Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine and was featured twice on Muscle TV.

After a considerable time teaching at the Australian Institute of Fitness, Mark now runs his own private seminars and education programs at his studio in Melbourne, Australia. His students who come locally, interstate and overseas gain invaluable knowledge on a variety of topics to include specific training, nutrition and supplementation protocols, business skills and honing a success mindset.

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