19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Mare Forfa


Co-Founder, PassGAMSAT

Mare Jordan Forfa is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, writer, artist and a proud role model for positive mindset. Lively, inspirational and adventurous, you will certainly know when Mare walks in the room!

Born in Sydney Australia, Mare was raised by her Macedonian parents Iljo & Leila. She was given a very traditional Macedonian name Mare Jordanoski (pronounced Mah-Reh Jordan-oh-ski) and her family home growing up was always full of family and friends, partying the traditional Macedonian way with food, Rakija, more food & dancing! All of this has helped to create the fun, loving and very hospitable woman she is today.

Wanting to give back to the community, Mare founded the Humanitarian Doctors Foundation (HDF), a charity which helps support the endeavours of various humanitarian causes throughout the world. That year, under the guidance of Mare, the charity was able to put over 500 school uniforms & shoes on disadvantaged children in the most impoverished and remote areas of Bali.

Together with Dr Tom Forfa, she founded PassGAMSAT, a company that assists students to pass the medical school entrance test.