19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Graves Burke


Graves Burke has nearly 15 years experience in marketing and selling online. His experience covers everything from selling info products, physical products, YouTube, eBay stores, services, lead generation for one of the most difficult markets known to man, and high-end consulting. He’s built 2 digital marketing agencies to the $1MM+ mark BUT… He wasn’t always so noble.

In fact in his past life he was known for the most unsavory practice of legerdemain. That’s right, he was a professional magician.

But not just the “pulling a coin out of your ear” type of magician like your uncle. His material was used as inspiration for one of the most famous magicians on TV today. Make sure to sit in on his breakout session to learn more about the ancient art of magic and how it can make you a better business person.