Art Alexakis is an American musician best known as the singer, composer, and guitarist of the rock band Everclear.

After overcoming addiction, Art has devoted his life to inspiring others to reach their greatest potential. We are honoured to have Art as our keynote speaker for The 8 Percent Festival.



Art become world-famous when his band, Everclear, had a string of alternative-rock hits in the 90s. He toured the world and won countless awards… but also struggled with an addiction that derailed his life.

Art has been a member of several notable bands, in addition to his own work as a songwriter for other artists. Alexakis founded several record labels throughout his career, and worked as an A&R representative for major record labels, between and during his own musical projects.

Later he became a political activist, and lobbied for special concerns which included drug awareness policies, and support of the families of the military. Along with the band Everclear, he performed for soldiers stationed in Cuba. His political involvement continued to expand, and Alexakis campaigned for the bid of former candidate John Kerry for the position of President of the United States.

Art is still involved in the music industry in many capacities. His real passion is teaching people how to overcome their limitations and uncover their creativity.

Watch Art talk about his struggle with addiction…